Antique storage including French buffets and Dutch linen presses

Antique storage is the stylish solution to a practical problem. The diverse range of French antique storage furniture means that lantiques can provide something to suit any room and any taste. Discreet storage hides a multitude of sins while glazed units provide an option for displaying attractive ceramics or treasured collectibles. French furniture often features original paint work for an authentic distressed finish to complement a relaxed-style interior. A variety of painted pieces will blend to create an eclectic lived-in surrounding. Natural wood, whether bleached and pale or rich and burnished, offers a smarter finish.

French buffets and French Housekeeper’s cupboards

French housekeeper's cupboards, buffets and buffet deux corps work well with contemporary kitchen design adding warmth and character. French buffets often boast spacious cupboards in a painted base with a natural or polished wooden top - a useful, useable surface for displaying quirky kitchenalia or cooking essentials. Taller units, such as French housekeeper’s cupboards or buffet deux corps, offer increased storage capacity. Such items are designed to be functional and may be chunky items finished simply, but this does not lessen the impact, in terms of style and charm, that these practical pieces of French furniture can offer in the right setting. Attractive detailing, including mouldings and locks, combined with the natural character of the wood itself, adds visual interest augmenting their appeal.

Servers and sideboards

A larger dining room is significantly improved by the addition of a quality antique server or sideboard. In this situation a single piece of furniture can complete a room by providing everything that is required in terms of storage in addition to making an attractive statement. These pieces can also make visually interesting occasional furniture in hallways and living spaces. Antique French shop furniture, which is becoming increasingly popular, can create a unique talking point if something more unusual would be appropriate, and can provide interesting storage options with a greater number of smaller drawers.

French commodes and antique armoires

To create the perfect atmosphere in the bedroom a stylish French armoire, an antique commode or a Dutch linen press would add charm and elegance. Coordinate different pieces, such an antique armoire and commode, by choosing similar paint effects, natural wood finish or decorative features. French commodes can be found in a range of styles, from a plain natural wood finish with minimal detailing for a simple elegant appearance, to elaborate examples with intricate marquetry or a shaped facade for a luxurious feel. As a simple drawer unit a commode is versatile piece of French furniture and can be placed in a variety of settings. A Dutch linen press would make a superb statement piece in a guest bedroom, providing plenty of storage capacity without the need for additional furniture.

Unique Swedish, Dutch and French antique storage furniture

In many cases there is a desire to fill a neglected corner or find a smart piece of furniture to suit a particular purpose. A Swedish secretaire would make a strong stand-alone statement in either case. A Swedish secretaire could be paired with a Swedish rococo-style chair or French antique tall-back chair. It goes without saying that antique cupboards come in all shapes and sizes, from tall Swedish corner cupboards to spacious Dutch dressers. French furniture is extremely versatile and a housekeeper’s cupboard would look perfectly at home used as a dresser in a dining room; similarly a decorative Dutch linen press would make a desirable addition to a spacious upstairs hallway.

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