Garden antiques including French antique furniture

Think of your garden as an extra room that should be furnished with the same thought and care as the rest of your house. A patio or deck can be transformed into a glamorous outdoor dining space with the addition of a stylish French garden table. Create a charming little hideaway in a secluded corner with a French bistro table and coordinating chairs. Stone ornaments add interest to a patio or can form the central feature of a lawn or formal garden. Similarly, with sundials, which have been used for centuries and can lend a timeless feel to any outside space. Climbing plants can look pretty around a door or to create a bower, but so much more beautiful if supported by an antique French trellis. Decorate the front of your property with some elegant planters. Caisse de Versaille planters are a great way to inject some formal elegance when lined along a grand driveway or paired either side of a doorway or gate.

French garden tables including bistro tables and charcuterie tables

Bistro tables tend to be simple, small and elegant and may or may not come with matching chairs. Coordinating chairs can easily be found if not purchased as part of a set. These tables are ideal for creating a less structured or relaxed outdoor dining area. They make the perfect place to enjoy a continental style hot chocolate at breakfast or a very British afternoon tea. Charcuterie tables are a more robust alterative, their weathered appearance bearing witness to decades of use. These solid, hardwearing tables can easily withstand the rigours of family life and would look equally at home in a conservatory as on a patio.

French trellis frames and planters, including caisse de Versaille

Use antique garden equipment such as trellises and planters to add superior finishing touches to any size garden. If you only have a patio or courtyard these items alone will transform your outdoor space. A particularly distinctive type of French antique planter is the caisse de Versaille. These were originally used to grow orange and other fruit trees for the garden of Louis XIV at the Palace of Versaille. The planters were designed so that the exotic trees could be kept in an orangery over winter to protect them from the cold weather. In the summer the trees could easily be moved out into the garden without the need for replanting. Traditionally, these are solidly constructed wooden box-style planters, usually made of oak. They are often painted.

Antique garden ornaments including French sundials

French antiques for the garden come in many different guises. A pre-loved garden statue or urn, or even a somewhat neglected one encrusted with lichen, is the ultimate in romantic charm for the garden. Whether you prefer a classical figure from Roman or Greek mythology or a more rustic design, such as animal or child figure, you can use French antique garden ornaments to create atmosphere and add visual interest to any garden. To add character in the centre of a lawn a sundial may be the ideal choice. Sundials are not simply a delightful addition to your garden but can provide a useful function in telling the time when the glare from the sun on your mobile phone screen makes it impossible to read. Sundials developed from a simple stick in the ground and were first used, in a recognisable form in Egypt nearly 3000 years ago.

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